What Immunitrack Does

Our aim is to help our customers predict the immune response. Immunogenicity prediction is a key need in the field of biologics,  particularly for cancer vaccines. We want to help our customers to identify "real" epitopes (those that will cause a T-cell response) from pools of potential neo-epitopes generated by sequencing data.

Conversely (e.g., protein/peptide-based therapeutics), there is often a need to predict if an unwanted immune response can occur.

At Immunitrack, we use our knowledge of MHC-epitope binding to aid in:

  1. De-immunization of biologics.
  2. Identification of stable epitopes that are a better predictor of immunogenicity than affinity alone.
  3. Development of a better antigenicity prediction software tool (PrDx).

The presentation below gives an overview of our capabilities and presents some case studies.