Application note: Design of a Neo-Epitope Vaccine

Immunitrack co-publishes application note with JPT Peptide Technologies: ‘Design of a Neo-Epitope Vaccine by a Combination of Prediction Tools & in vitro Peptide MHC Stability Binding Assays’

In silico epitope prediction, tools such as netMHC and netMHCpan are often used to identify cancer-specific neo-epitopes for cancer vaccine development. This recent application note demonstrates that the performance of such prediction tools can vary significantly, depending on the MHC alleles in question, thus highlighting the importance of in vitro binding assays in evaluating whether or not peptides of interest actually bind MHC and to what extent.


Immunitrack’s unique NeoScreen® platform encompasses both affinity and stability assessments of MHC-epitope interactions, allowing identification of the best neo-epitope candidates in vitro, from peptide libraries that contain thousands of potential neo-epitopes. Immunitrack is also currently developing a best-in-class neo-epitope prediction tool, PrDx, which is trained on in vitro data generated through the NeoScreen platform.