Testing FcRn-antibody interaction using Immunitrack reagents on the Octet platform from ForteBio

Are you looking for ways of properly assessing antibody binding properties to FcRn? Check out the latest application note release from ForteBio

The application also applies for companies developing Fc/albumin fused therapeutics.

The FcRn reagents were supplied by Immunitrack.


Fortebio states:

“Quality of reagents: Reagent quality is a critical factor with any kinetics assay. Aggregation of the antibody or receptor can impact kinetics due to increased avidity and non-specific binding. Antibody samples should be fully evaluated for purity, activity and quality using analytical techniques before using in a kinetics experiment. Reagents that have been stored at 4°C for long periods, especially at very high or very low concentrations, should not be used. Careful consideration should be given to purification, storage conditions and handling of receptor proteins and multiple freeze-thaw cycles avoided. Commercially available FcRn can vary in quality, so determining a reliable source of high quality FcRn is critical to good assay performance. FcRn used for experiments described in this application note was provided by Immunitrack. We have found this reagent to be consistent in quality and highly active.”

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