Meet Us in Oslo at the Cancer Crosslinks 2020 Event on the 16th January!

Immunitrack’s CSO Sune Justesen and CEO Stephan Thorgrimsen will be participating at the Cancer Crosslinks 2020 event in Oslo, Norway on the 16th January

This marks the 12th Crosslink event organised by the Oslo Cancer Cluster, a not-for-profit research and industry organisation that strives to improve life for cancer patients by supporting the advancement of new cancer diagnostics and therapies.

‘We are looking forward to networking with international cancer experts and discussing how our immunogenicity prediction technology can help advance the development of cancer Immunotherapies’.

About The Crosslink Cancer 2020 Event:

The Cancer Crosslink 2020  brings together a distinguished panel of international and Norwegian experts to present recent progress in precision treatment and cancer immunotherapy. The theme of Cancer Crosslinks 2020 is: “Progress in Cancer Care – A Tsunami of Promises or Game-Changing Strategies?”.

This international meeting promotes interaction between researchers and clinicians to further enhance translational and clinical research, and encourage new collaborations to advance the development of innovative cancer treatments. The hallmark of Cancer Crosslinks is the “Daytime Educational Program”, which focuses on recent advances in oncology. The one-day program is complemented by tailored activities to stimulate additional interactions and discussions between the Cancer Crosslinks speakers and members of the international oncology community.

About Immunitrack

Immunitrack is a spin-out from an academic group at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, that co-developed the widely used in silico MHC prediction tool, netMHC. Immunitrack’s mission is to provide the research community with tools to select or redesign drug candidates during the early stages of R&D as well as to provide reagents to monitor the effects of lead drug candidates on patient immune responses.

Immunitrack’s Key Technology – NeoScreen®

The major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) play a decisive role in the specificity of the adaptive immune response, including patient immune responses to biological drugs. Immunitrack has world leading expertise in the manufacture of MHC I and II molecules. We have used our deep knowledge of MHC-epitope interactions to aid drug developers in two main ways:

  1. Production of MHC tetramers to detect and quantify patient immune (T) cells that are specific for a given antigen within a blood sample.
  2. The unique NeoScreen® service for assaying MHC/epitope interactions. NeoScreen® allows Immunitrack to rapidly screen libraries with thousands of (neo-)epitopes. Depending on the desired immune response, our clients and collaborators can then pick the best candidates to progress through therapeutic development.

Arrange a Meeting

If you would like to speak with Sune and/or Stephan in Oslo, please drop us a line using our contact form or email to arrange an informal meeting.


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