Immunitrack to present the NeoScreen® platform at Copenhagen Antibody Network event

Immunitrack looks forward to presenting its NeoScreen® platform for deimmunisation of biotherapeutics at Copenhagen Antibody Network event


Date and time: Friday 31 January, 3-5 PM

Venue: Lundbeck, Ottiliavej 9, 2500 Copenhagen.


CAN Immunogenicity subgroup – Kasper Lamberth & co.
Immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies

Immunitrack Aps – Sune Justesen & Stephan Thorgrimsen
Immunogenicity assessment with Immunitrack’s NeoScreen® platform

GlycoDisplay – Claus Kristensen
Tailoring glycan profiles for biotherapeutics


Immunogenicity assessments with Immunitrack’s NeoScreen® platform

The major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) are critical to the adaptive immune response. Peptide binding to MHC II and subsequent presenta­tion to CD4 T cells are decisive events that occur up­stream of any immune response. MHC II/peptide binding assays are recommended within FDA and EMEA guidelines as a means to assess the immunogenicity risk of a biologic. Due to the low precision of current MHC II predictors we do not recommend performing immunogenicity assessments using in silico methods only. Immunitrack has world-leading expertise in assessing epitope binding to MHC I and MHC II molecules. Our unique NeoScreen® technology has helped clients with vaccine development as well as biologic deimmunisation efforts.

Immunitrack will also unveil a software prediction tool currently under development to help accelerate immunogenicity assessment.

About Copenhagen Antibody Network

Copenhagen Antibody Network is a DK-based scientist network founded by Lundbeck, Symphogen, LEO Pharma and Novo Nordisk, with members from pharma companies, biotech and academia.

The network was established as a platform for knowledge sharing within antibody discovery & development and antibody related technologies.

The network organizes events with local and international speakers from antibody and biotherapeutic research areas. A set of smaller knowledge sharing work groups, focusing on different antibody development topics are also supported by the Copenhagen Antibody Network and coordinated by network members.

Please contact Berit Olsen Krogh by email at if you wish to participate to the event.

About Immunitrack

Immunitrack is a spin-out from an academic group at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, that co-developed the widely used in silico MHC prediction tool, netMHC. Immunitrack’s mission is to provide the research community with tools to select or redesign drug candidates during the early stages of R&D as well as to provide reagents to monitor the effects of lead drug candidates on patient immune responses.

To learn more about our platform please download the application note ▸