Immunitrack Proudly Co-Sponsors FcRn Conference

Immunitrack is proud to co-sponsor the upcoming FcRn-Targeted Therapies for Autoimmune Disorders virtual conference next week. The digital FcRn-Targeted Therapies for Autoimmune Disorders Summit is a dedicated meeting bringing the most up to date clinical and commercial developments utilising FcRn antagonists in rare and autoimmune diseases.

Date: 23rd-25th March

Time: 9am-4pm EDT | 6am-1pm PDT

This three-day event will bring together a wealth of industrial knowledge about the complexities of the FcRn-IgG interaction and the therapeutic strategies that are being employed to yield clinical efficacy.

As a world-leading provider of FcRn reagents, Immunitrack contributes to the ongoing R&D for the development of Fc and albumin-conjugated therapeutics for various autoimmune diseases.

About Immunitrack

Immunitrack, a leading provider of best-in-class FcRn reagents, is founded on world-class research on MHC-epitope binding. Our proprietary epitope screening platform NeoScreen® measures the affinity and stability of MHC/epitope interactions, with the capacity to rapidly screen libraries with thousands of (neo-)epitopes for applications within autoimmunity, immuno-oncology, vaccine production, T cell therapy, and immune monitoring.

Immunitrack’s mission is to provide the pharmaceutical industry and research community with technology and reagents to select therapeutic targets and design novel biotherapeutics at early stages of R&D as well to monitor the effects of lead drug candidates on patient immune responses.

Immunitrack co-sponsors FcRn Summit