Immunitrack is at BIO-Europe, Copenhagen, November 5-7 2018

Stephan Thorgrimsen, CEO and Peter Roberts, Sales and Marketing Director, will be attending BIO-Europe. Our theme at BIO-Europe is “Predicting the Immune Response.” We want to help customers get started with answering the following question: how do you know if your therapeutic is going to cause an unwanted immune response in patients?

Part of the answer lies in the immune recognition of antigens. The ideal therapeutic is going to combine maximum efficacy with low (or zero) recognition by the patient’s immune system. Conversely, a vaccine needs to be strongly recognized by the patient’s immune system so that it destroys the disease.

Regulatory bodies (FDA and EMEA) actively encourage developers of therapeutic protein products to demonstrate that they have carried out an immune assessment of their product(s).

We’re looking forward to interact with developers of protein-based therapeutics to help meet the challenge of predicting the immune response.