Immunitrack ApS announces a distribution agreement with FUJIFILM Wako for Japan

Immunitrack ApS announces a distribution agreement with FUJIFILM Wako for Japan

This agreement will help to build increased opportunities for sales of MHC molecules and immunogenicity prediction services on the Japanese market.

Immunitrack ApS (“Immunitrack”) announced an agreement with FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation (“FUJIFILM Wako”) to distribute its products into the Japanese market. Immunitrack specializes in providing cutting-edge immune prediction tools and reagents that aid biotech and pharma companies in developing novel biologics and vaccines faster, more cost-effectively, with better efficacy and safety profiles.

Stephan Thorgrimsen, CEO Immunitrack, commented that, “We believe that this agreement is a major milestone for Immunitrack’s ambition to become a global provider of immunogenicity assessment and prediction solutions to drug developers”.

FUJIFILM Wako is a major distributor of research reagents, cell culture media, clinical diagnostic reagents and speciality chemicals. The company is focused on accelerating business growth and enhancing corporate value through developing and providing innovative products and services. This new agreement will be mutually beneficial, increasing awareness of Immunitrack in Japan, and will help to strengthen the profile of Fujifilm Wako as a strong partner, whilst providing the most innovative products and services to drug development companies.

We are very pleased to enter into this collaboration with Immunitrack. Immunitack has the strength in unique MHC-peptide binding assays to increase accuracy of personal cancer vaccines.

We believe that the Immunitrack is an ideal partner, that it will bring more new products for Japanese customers and the collaboration will let us serve the exacting demands of the life sciences market better." Says Hiroyuki ito, General manager, Life Science Development Operations.

About Immunitrack ApS

Immunitrack’s mission is to provide the research community with tools to select or redesign drug candidates at the early stage of R&D but also to provide reagents to monitor lead drug candidates’ effects on a patient’s immune system. Immunitrack’s unique NeoScreen® platform encompasses both affinity and stability assessments of MHC-epitope interactions, allowing identification of the best neo-epitope candidates in vitro, from peptide libraries that contain thousands of potential neo-epitopes. Immunitrack is also currently developing a best-in-class neo-epitope prediction tool, PrDx™, which is trained on in vitro data generated through the NeoScreen platform.


FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation is a comprehensive laboratory chemicals manufacturer contributing to a number of cutting-edge research fields. Over time the company has developed and manufactured high-quality products and expanded its businesses to include specialty chemicals and clinical diagnostic reagents.

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