Moving Biologics Discovery Forward


Identify neo-epitopes faster

Immunitrack’s NeoScreen™ Service allows us to rapidly screen libraries with thousands of neo-epitopes. We combine peptide-MHC stability assays with traditional affinity assays. This allows our clients to identify those epitopes that are most likely to trigger an immune response in patients.


Identify potent antigens that the patient’s immune system will respond to.

A vaccine needs to be strongly recognized by the patient’s immune system so that it destroys the disease. With Immunitrack’s NeoScreen™ service, you have a tool to identify the most stable, high-affinity binding epitopes that can be recognized by a patient’s immune system.

Precision Medicine

Profile patients for adoptive T-cell therapy.

With a strong record in manufacturing peptide-MHC complexes (including the challenging MHC II), Immunitrack offers high-quality reagents for the isolation of specific T-cell populations. We have the ability to rapidly turn around the production of custom peptide-MHC complexes, enabling our clients to move their critical projects forward.


Reduce the Immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins. Maintain function and develop best-in-class biologics.

The ideal therapeutic is going to combine maximum efficacy with low recognition by the patient’s immune system. In the first stage we can use Immunitrack’s unique PrDx epitope prediction tool to identify those epitopes within the therapeutic that are likely to be recognized by the immune system. We can then screen the pool of immunogenic candidates and assess their true MHC binding properties using our NeoScreen™ Service.

The most likely immunogenic candidates undergo an “alanine scan.” This allows us to identify the amino acids that are responsible for binding within any peptide-MHC complex. Those amino acids that are responsible for anchoring the epitope can be replaced with alternatives, and the new epitope can be re-tested on the NeoScreen™ platform. In this way, we help our clients work their way towards a de-immunized therapeutic.