Immunitrack’s Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II: MHC II

Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimized manufacturing platform
  • Widest range of available HLA alleles
  • Market-leading turnaround time on catalog products
  • 100% peptide loading of MHC complexes
  • Available as MHC-PE tetramers or monomers

Optimized Manufacturing Platform

MHC II is known as challenging molecule to manufacture. In the past, this has led to limited use of MHC II molecules as reagents. However, at Immunitrack we have learned how to consistently and reproducibly manufacture MHC II – peptide complexes.

All MHC manufacturing at Immunitrack is supervised by Sune Justesen, our CSO. Sune has more than 12 years of experience in the manufacture of MHC molecules. This began when Sune was responsible for the development of one of the largest in vitro assay platforms for measuring peptide binding to MHC. Over 100,000 Kd measurements from this project are available today as affinity measurements in NetMHC and the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB).

Widest range of available HLA alleles

We are continuously expanding our MHC II repertoire. Currently we are able to deliver assays or complexes on the following alleles. MHCI alleles not present on the list may be synthesized and produced upon request.

Human  Murine

Fast Turnaround on Custom Orders

Our MHC II catalog offers a wide range of commonly-requested MHC-peptide complexes. However, many researchers want unique peptide sequences (“non-catalog”). We offer a market-leading turnaround time of 3-5 weeks on orders of custom pMHC complexes.

Times may be shortened for user-supplied peptides, if they are of sufficient quality.

100% Peptide Loading

Our manufacturing process means that you get pMHC with 100% peptide loading of each complex guaranteed. Some techniques for peptide loading of MHC lead to less than 100% occupancy. Our manufacturing and QC guarantee nothing less than 100% peptide loading of your MHC.

Available as MHC-PE tetramers or monomers

At Immunitrack, we offer our pMHC complexes as tetramers (i.e. complexed with streptavidin), or as monomers. Our tetramers are labeled with phycoeryrthin (PE), ready for use in flow cytometry. Our monomers are biotinylated and can be complexed with the labeled streptavidin of your choice.

More Information

Our biotinylated MHC II complexes have been used as tetramer reagents in several publications.

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