Management Team

Karin Absalonsen
Chairman of the Board

Karin holds a Master of Law from University of Aarhus. She has more than 25 years of extensive experience in corporate law and M&A from her work as business lawyer and partner in Nyborg & Rørdam Law Firm. For the past 15+ years Karin has worked with particular focus on the life science industry including biotech start-ups. She has participated in numerous national and international transactions, exits deals, seed and venture capital financing rounds and licensing deals. Karin is also an experienced negotiator and skilled in business development and strategy. She has strong board experience from board positions in several biotech companies over time.

Sune Justesen

Sune Justensen PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Sune Justensen founded Immunitrack together with Stephan Thorgrimsen in 2013. A civil engineer from the Technical University of Denmark, Sune later completed a PhD as well as postdoctoral training in one of the world’s leading groups within major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Sune is a world-leading expert in MHC, a family of receptors that are central to the immune response. During his research career, he devised novel ways to produce functional MHC molecules and analyse MHC-epitope interactions through a range of unique assays. This groundbreaking work positioned his then research group as a global leader in the MHC field and simultaneously led to the technology upon which Immunitrack is founded.

Stephan Thorgrimsen

Stephan Thorgrimsen PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Stephan Thorgrimsen is one of Immunitrack’s two co-founders. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and he authored or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles during his research career. In 2013, Stephan completed an MBA from the prestigious Copenhagen Business School and cofounded Immunitrack where he currently is the CEO.

Scientific Advisors