Our Core Expertise

Providing Critical Components of Cellular Immunity


Role: Antigen presentation

MHC I is found on the surface of all nucleated cells. Specialized in presenting antigens that come from invaders inside the  cell, e.g. viral proteins.

Predicting the Immune Response with MHC I.

Use MHC I to identify epitopes that can trigger CD8+ response.


  • Vaccine development.
  • Neo-epitope verification for CD8+ cell response.
  • Immunogenicity assessment of new biologics


Role: Antigen presentation.

MHC II is found on antigen-presenting cells (APCs). Specialized in presenting antigens from extracellular invaders, such as bacteria.

Predicting the Immune Response with MHC II

Use MHC II to map triggers of CD4+ cells.


  • Vaccine development
  • Neo-epitope verification for CD4+cell response.
  • Immunogenicity assessment of new biologics.


Role: Extending the half-life of IgG and serum albumin, by reducing degradation.

Predicting the Immune Response with FcRN

Conjugation of some drugs to the Fc domain of IgG or serum albumin can significantly increase their half-life.


  • Quality control of IgG
  • Quality control of Fc fusion proteins
  • Quality control of albumin fusion proteins
  • Evaluation of biologic binding to host FcRn

NeoScreen™: Our MHC Assay Platform for Predicting the Immune Response of Epitopes

NeoScreen™MHC Binding Assays.

Our assay platform allows us to find STABLE MHC-binding epitopes, unlike others that measure affinity only